Gooseneck for modular poles

Our gooseneck was made from robust, light aluminium. It is available in two designs. One with internal water guide for our telescopic lances and one with external water guide for our modular poles.

This gooseneck allows for quick and easy assembly of the SOLA-TECS C, directly onto the gooseneck. With a quick-release screw fixing, you can change the direction of rotation of the SOLA-TECS C in a matter of seconds, with no need for tools.

The gooseneck is ideal for cleaning solar collectors. It provides optimum lance distance to the panels. The resulting contact pressure on the brushes also has a positive effect on the cleaning results.


TD - Gooseneck for modular poles
Gooseneck for modular poles
Weight 500 g
Angle 30°
Material Aluminium
Item number 0200277
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